HOME is the BEST ever!

5:35 PM

salam ukhuwwah

I believed that everyone love their own house even it is not much bigger. Even we have to share everything living under one roof, but from that we knew and realize we as human being need each other. we learn everything from there. we began developed our communication, social, language skills at home. our parents taught us most important things that useful in future and in our daily life. i agreed with the phrase our behaviour or appearance influence by our own family.

here, i want to share why home is the best. it is because at home i felt relax and really calm, comfortable enough. at home, i can do what i really want without others interruption. moreover, i can be myself where i got freedom to decorate, create, design or trying something new. i got fully support from my parent and my beloved person. most important thing is, at home i felt very closed with my family without worrying their safety and conditions from far...

there are many reasons why home is the best but i don't want to share all of that here. i believed everyone have their own reasons too and maybe some of you have the same thought about your own home. why you like being at home or not, it's depend on us.

lastly, i with my words... HOME is the BEST ever rather than other places in this world.

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